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1. Preparation , September 19 - September 25 2011


Week 0
invitation from the Wiki and posting a test message. Introduction workshop, teachers prepare their students for participation in the Learning Circle. Discussion of responsibilities, skills, knowledge, awareness. Communicate with GTP Country Coordinator and Leaning Circle facilitator.





Dear participants

Please use the space beneath this message to post your test messages. You can find your classcode on the

Participating Schools page.


Kindly use your classcodes to enable us to recognize your class. Posting your test messages means that your wiki accounts has been created and your class is ready for the start of the Wiki Learning Circle.


Before posting your test message, click on "Edit" menu above.

After posting your message, remember to click on "save" before exiting the page.


Hoping to reading your test messages, Natasha Cherednichenko


env1, Colegiul Economic, Romania, teacher ILIE CATALINA SI POSTOVEI CATALINA




env2, Colegiul Economic, Romania, teacher CERCEL CARMEN






This is a test message


env4, Sustainable Development Training Center, Ghana






env5, SUGS “Vlado Tasevski”, Macedonia



Hello All!

This is a test message.



env6, Manoj Kumar Sen, Bangladesh


Dear All,   I hope my students and I 'll find pleasure in doing GTP program cheerfully.  We look forward to knowing you all in this forum and working with you on challenging questions like environmental sustainability.

Good wishes to you al.


Manoj Kumar Sen


env7, Dunnville Secondary, Canada


Hello, Bună ziua, Meeng-gah-bou, Zdravo, Asalaam alaykum, Zdrastuy …

I look forward to working with you and your students... I am very excited to be part of this Learning Circle! We were part of a Learning Circle last year and it was AWESOME!

Jen Faulkner


env8, Kirovograd Collegium, Ukraine

Hoi everybody< we are ready to start. We are looking forward to seeing you on the Wiki pages.

Best wishes. 


env9,  Chavakali High School, Kenya



sorry for joining late.

will keep to the pace 



env10,  Sir William Mulock Secondary School, Canada

Hello everyone.  It is very exciting to have this opportunity to work with all of you.  We look forward to getting to know you all better and working with you on challenging questions about the MDGs, specifically environmental sustainability.

Derrick Schellenberg @ Mulock 


env11,  Mohamed Zahran Experimental Schools, Egypt


Hello GTP Family


We're glad to be the part of this LC. We hope we all will learn a lot from each other. 

Looking forward to working together!


Kind Regards,

ENV 11

Comments (2)

Derrick schellenberg said

at 4:47 pm on Sep 25, 2011

Glad to be a part of the Global Teenager Project's focused circle on Environmental Sustainability.
Derrick Schellenberg @ Mulock

Derrick schellenberg said

at 3:51 pm on Sep 25, 2011

We are very excited to be involved in this circle and look forward to working with all of you. Sir William Mulock Secondary School is located in Newmarket, Ontario. Our grade eleven university course in English has 30 students and we have done a little work with the UN's MDGs.
Talk to you soon,
Derrick Schellenberg

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